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Real patients, real results:

No Place Better

"My dentures wouldn't work at all, and the people that gave them to me said they couldn't do implants, but Dr. Dyal said she could, and that was fantastic. I had six implants, all new teeth on the top and it's great. I can eat anything I want, and they're easy to take care of. I don't know of any place that you can get better treatment. And Dr. Dyal, you can just tell she cares about people."

Feels like my real teeth

"I really enjoy being a foodie and so I wanted to go with implants instead of dentures. The staff at Dr. Dyal's office held my hand through every step of the way, and that meant the world to me. I'm really happy with the quality of the teeth that I have now. It feels like my real teeth, and I just can't imagine not having this type of teeth in my mouth."

My Perfect Smile

"Dr. Dyal and her staff have been great! One of my worries was that when my grand kids saw me without teeth and with implants it would kind of scare them... Dr. Dyal promised that would never happen and she came through. Dr. Dyal is a perfectionist. She promised me a perfect smile, and I got it!"

My New Teeth

"Each step of the way was explained to me in detail, and each question I asked was answered in a very caring way. Dr. Dyal always made sure that I was satisfied with the way things were going, and that everything looked and felt normal. I'm proud to show off my new teeth. Great job Dr. Dyal, and great job staff!"

Best Smile Possible

"Dr. Dyal wanted to make sure that when we were done, I’d have the best smile possible, and I think I do! She acts like you are a member of her own family, and wants you to be your absolute best. Because of Dr. Dyal, I have my smile back, I have my confidence back, and I recommend her whole-heartedly."

It's Changed My Life

"I don't know if I can say how much it's changed my life to be able to smile without thinking about hiding my teeth... I tried all of these other items throughout my dental history but nothing has compared with what I've received from Dr. Dyal's office. I will have a dentist for life!"

Dreams Come True

"Being a teenager with dentures, and now being an adult with a great smile, I feel so much better - so when people ask if dreams come true I think about Dr. Dyal and say, 'Yes... and I'm proof.'"

Can't Say Enough

"I came to see Dr. Dyal and I found her and her staff to be very professional, reassuring, encouraging, and very caring... I can eat with confidence, I can socialize with confidence... I can't say enough about the services I was getting..."

Exactly Right

"What I have now is a tremendous mouth full of teeth that are so functional, I can even pronounce words properly... I don't believe I could have gotten a better prosthodontist... the most care I have ever received, this was not about money, it was about making sure everything was exactly right."

I Got What I Wanted

"I would rate the quality of Dr. Dyal and her staff and everybody involved as just great, higher than a ten. Dr. Dyal made sure that I got what I wanted... I am ecstatic about being able to smile, I've had my implants for two months and now and I love eating because I can eat anything I want to!"

Extremely Happy

"The staff and everybody was very good informing me as the process went along... when things weren't fitting right, they made them fit, they worked on them until they fit. If you need a specialist, consider Dr. Dyal, you'll be very happy with the results. I am!"

Phenomenal Care

"I am grateful for every ounce of care that Dr. Dyal has provided me... she was always there to listen to any concern I had... her staff are phenomenal... thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

“Dr. Dyal is always great. She even took the time to update me on her life and kids when I asked and her assistants' and she asked about my life and really wanted to hear how I was doing...”

- Adriana Gwyn

“Dr. Dyal ... is extremely knowledgeable and always provided me with treatment options. Most importantly, she was caring, and attentive to my questions and needs. I highly recommend her." ”

- D. Shirey

“Dr Herlin Dyal is 'the best of the best'.... She did a BEAUTIFUL job! And - I can chew better than before! Don't waste your money on less than the best! You will not be disappointed with her work...”

- Sherry Jackson

“... you have created a practice that truly is something to be proud of and an environment that treats your patients and team with the utmost respect!! Simply beautiful I love my SMILE!!”

- Jeanine Fuller

“Over the last six years I have had, and will continue to have, substantial work done by Dr. Dyal. She is truly outstanding - capable, caring, responsive, and trustworthy...”

- Diana Young

“I would highly recommend Dr. Dyal and her group. It has been almost 3 years since I had my upper plate made there. I am thrilled with my teeth...”

- Phyllis Cross Johnson


- Paula Page

“They are all amazing -- warm, helpful, kind.”

- Susie Wayland

“All positive from reception thru doctor.”

- Barbara Kozusko

“Wonderful dentist, professional, pleasant staff.”

- Barry Loncke

“Dr. Dyal is the best dentist I have ever had. I have had dental problems for years and I have never had anyone do the quality of work she did in fixing my bite and all the other issues...”

- Sharon Aungst

“Doctor is super and the office is great”


“Both the doctor and her staff were fabulous. I couldn't ask for better care.”

- Devean Soulies

“Dr Dyal, and her staff are the best. I would recommend Dr Dyal in a heart beat.”

- Renee Richmond