All on 4

Creating a seamless transition from non-functioning teeth to a beautiful new smile.

Creating a seamless transition from non-functioning teeth to a beautiful new smile.

A New Smile, A New You

Tooth loss is challenging physically and socially, affecting every aspect of your life. If you are facing tooth loss, consider the All on 4 system of dental implants that can replace all of your teeth.

We have offices located in Rocklin and Sacramento - reach out to see if All on 4 is perfect for you!

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Revolutionizing Care

Trios 3D IntraOral Scanning

Dr. Dyal utilizes high end 3D intraoral scanning to comprehensively evaluate patients’ teeth, quickly take pinpoint accurate dental records, and carefully plan and coordinate treatment.

IMetric ICam4D

The latest and greatest in implant scanning technology, the ICam4D swiftly locates the exact position of multiple implants without any impressions required.

EnvisionOne 3D Printer

Dr. Dyal’s in-house 3D printer creates intricate digitally designed temporary hybrids layer by layer. Once the design is complete it only takes a few hours to have the hybrid ready for delivery.

Center of Excellence

We're proud to be recognized as an official All-On-4 treatment concept Center of Excellence by Nobel Biocare, the original pioneer of the All-On-4 treatment concept.

Our Process

Our team strives to create the most gentle and efficient transformation possible. We first conduct our initial scans to custom design smiles prior to scheduling surgeries. To ensure the quickest possible turnover time, we take additional scans during surgery to collect all the data required to begin designing.

Our team takes implant scans using the ICam4D on the day of surgery. The scanning team coordinates with our CADCam designer the minute the records are complete to begin designing a perfectly fitting fixed temporary hybrid. Once the design is complete our team sends it to our in house 3D printer to process and print the design.

Once printed, the temporaries go through post processing and staining to the patients’ preferred color. After a final glaze and disinfection the beautiful custom tailored set of fixed temporary hybrids are ready to deliver within a few hours of surgery!

The Final Product

Once you are comfortable with your new smile and bite we construct a custom-designed high-quality permanent Zirconia hybrid. Zirconia is the standard of care for full-arch restorations, it is a strong and long lasting material that is resistant to stains, cracks, chips, and harmful bacteria.

Your permanent Zirconia prosthesis will not retain plaque or odors and is designed to look and feel natural in your mouth. You will be able to eat whatever you want, smile whenever you want, and feel confident and comfortable everywhere you go!